It’s About Community.

In my first of two rather self-indulgent blog posts this week — one here (look for it tomorrow) and one on RP3 Agency’s “Magnetisms” blog — I talk about how much I love the WordPress community.

Picturefill.js + WordPress

Matt Marquis, chair of the Responsive Images Community Group, asked on Twitter: Anyone know whether picture/Picturefill support is officially in the works for WordPress? Could swear I saw something about that once. There’s no official, native support for the <picture> element (or its polyfill) in WordPress, and the Picturefill.js script is not included in […]

The Trouble with Jetpack

I’m not the first to write a post like this, nor will I be the last. But Jetpack, the ubiquitous plugin from Automattic, is likely one of the most polarizing collections of code in the WordPress universe. And in recent days it has occupied its own special level of hell for me.