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Is Building a Non-Blog Website with WordPress a Hack?

Did I mention that I listen to a lot of podcasts? Of course I did. So last week I was listening to the latest episode of Happy Monday, a web design podcast hosted by Sarah Parmenter and Josh Long and featuring guest Colin Devroe. During the course of it, Sarah expressed her belief that using WordPress for anything other than a blog was “a hack.”

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“Stop bitching and fuckin adapt”

I think I just wrote my fastest plugin ever.

Inspired by a Twitter request from Jeff Chandler, I adapted Matt Mullenweg’s classic “Hello Dolly” plugin to instead stream the words of wisdom from the NFL’s now most famous cornerback.

(For this, Matt, I’m truly, truly sorry.)

Download the awesomeness from my GitHub account and let Richard Sherman’s rant become a part of your WordPress admin experience.

(P.S., I’m still looking for that “Stop bitching and fuckin adapt” inspiration poster.)

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A screenshot of my iPhone's iOS home screen

A Matter of Trust

Apple, in all their presumptuousness, has now pushed iOS 7.0.3 to both my iPhone and my iPad. I have not yet installed iOS 7 at all, nor do I want to. It’s ugly, it breaks with my muscle-memory conventions, and frankly I have no need for it. But there it sits anyway, consuming precious storage and trying to goad me into installation with the big red circle sitting atop the “Settings” icon.

Another red badge on my home screen is the number of apps on my phone with available updates. Currently, it reads 105. iOS 7 brings the promise of auto-updating my apps, so I never have to see this badge again. But for now it sits, like the world’s slowest odometer showing me exactly how obsolete I am becoming.

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