Do You Still Test in IE7?

Hi there, fellow web developers. I stopped testing for Internet Explorer 6 a while ago, simply because I had enough trouble managing virtual machines to handle testing in IE7, IE8 and IE9.  Now with my primary client fully switched over to IE8, I find myself rarely, if ever, even testing in IE7.  In fact, I removed that VM from my VMWare Virtual Machine Library just yesterday (although I did not delete the VM’s file off my hard drive).

So my question to you all is: do you still test in IE7? Or is it only 8 and above for you guys now?

Thanks for your input!

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Stupid IE7 Tricks

How’s this for stupid IE7 tricks?

I have a <legend> inside a <fieldset> inside a <div> that is made a modal via jQuery.  Said <legend> disappears when it is italic AND the modal is set to non resizable.  If either of those conditions is false, the <legend> displays fine.

And this is only happening in IE7 (as opposed to Firefox, Chrome, etc.  I’m not testing in other versions of IE).