The 62.5% Solution?

I’m kinda tired of seeing blog posts advocate html { font-size: 62.5%; } In case you’re not aware, this makes the default font size for your entire website 10px (assuming the browser’s default font size is 16px, which is the standard but is also user-configurable). Sure, it makes the math easier when you’re working with […]

Thanks, Baltimore WordPress!

Last night, the Baltimore WordPress meetup was kind enough to let me talk a bit about CSS Preprocessors and how to use them in WordPress. It was a great crowd in ADG Creative‘s very swanky offices in Columbia, Maryland. If you couldn’t make it out, you can catch my slides here. I hope to be […]

A Little Vindication

Yesterday I chimed in on an exchange on Twitter about the constant CSS argument of whether or not to use IDs as selectors (I’m in the not camp, BTW): (Slightly controversial) new blog post: Hashed classes in CSS — Harry Roberts (@csswizardry) May 30, 2013 @csswizardry I disagree with this. use an id with […]

Why Compass Sprites Suck

Every silver lining has a cloud, it seems, and that’s as true with front end web development as with anything else. So as cool as all that making CSS sprites with Compass is, if you want to get into the least little specialized use-case, you’re in for a world of trouble. I explain here.