Happy Anniversary

Are work anniversaries really a thing? LinkedIn seems to think so, if the volume of email announcing them is to be believed. But as I’m facing a work anniversary of my own, permit me a moment of self-reflection.

It’s About Community.

In my first of two rather self-indulgent blog posts this week — one here (look for it tomorrow) and one on RP3 Agency’s “Magnetisms” blog — I talk about how much I love the WordPress community. http://rp3agency.com/blog/its-about-community/

Picturefill.js + WordPress

Matt Marquis, chair of the Responsive Images Community Group, asked on Twitter: Anyone know whether picture/Picturefill support is officially in the works for WordPress? Could swear I saw something about that once. https://twitter.com/wilto/status/468442998809051136 There’s no official, native support for the <picture> element (or its polyfill) in WordPress, and the Picturefill.js script is not included in […]

Launching RP3.io

Today RP3 Agency pulled the curtain back on RP3.io, our brand new, mobile first, responsive website. It’s been a crazy process of tight deadlines, designing on the fly, and taking up roles outside of our traditional comfort zones. And we’re by no means done.

Eh, I Saw These Domain Names Before They Were Famous.

My latest contribution to the RP3 Agency blog, musing on the future of new-fangled top level domains. Co-written with Chief Creative Technologist Kurt Roberts and Director of Strategic Planning Omar Quiñones. http://rp3agency.com/blog/eh-i-saw-these-domain-names-before-they-were-famous/

Don’t Trap Me In Your Website

Social media gurus (insert the level of snark you wish) will tell you that “hashtags are all the rage” and “retweet everything so people know what you believe in.” They’ll also tell you that the kindest thing you can do to the lovely people who have taken the time and effort to find your site […]